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Updating Patterns KIMONO 1st

By viermadchen, May 29 2017 07:40AM

Currently spending the summer updating or patterns. in our new building with will be fully dedicated to Undead Threads.

1st on the list of updates will be our Kimono pattern. The SD sized kimono is our most popular pattern but it hasn't been updated in many years . We are currently Applying all the feed back we have gotten over the years to the new pattern,

Changes will include

1 more pacific sizing . AKA SD10, SD13 and SD13-boy will be 3 different patterns.

2 sizing for more dolls. Namely YO MSD and American girl.

3 New easy to sew on sleeves

4 Collar will have a more forgiving allowance .

5 sholder seams moved the to a more traditional style.

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